About Us


Redstony was founded in 2020 by a artist who have the appreciation of folk costume and traditional cluture. In addition to display traditional apparels, our designer add new elements to keep up with the times.

We believe in providing more than just quality apparel. We believe in embracing different nationalities, culture and the essence of what it means to stand on the valuable cultural heritage or simply be a bearer.

Whether you are the minority or simply support these great cultural heritage, we have something for you.


Urban Fashion/UF is a boutique fashion campaign. It is designed to follow the trend of modern and diverse clothing design and street art style parties. It used rich colors, artful designs & cut and drawn shapes to suit different body types.


By offering a carefully curated product range fit for all seasons, we’re able to maintain a small, tight-knit supply chain. We build deep, multi-year relationships with factories and keep in consistent contact—we visit them, they visit us. In addition to conducting our own audits when necessary, we accept third-party, mutually recognized standards to reduce audit fatigue at factories and ensure safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing practices.


Don't worry about the quality of our products, we promise that REDSTONY will use quality materials and offer a cost-effective price. Even if you are not satisfied after receiving the product, we are happy to provide a return & exchange service to meet your needs as far as possible.

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